Stefan Cosser, Director

With over five years as a Senior Development Chef in the renowned Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen, cooking is both an art and a science for this native Icelander. A seasoned perfectionist who has co-authored a multisensory paper in collaboration with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University, Stefan now spearheads FIS’s drive for excellence across its entire client portfolio, using his depth of technical and business expertise to help brands do different and create concepts and dishes with serious standout.

What would you cook for the team: An Icelandic Christmas meal of dung smoked lamb called hangikjöt with potatoes, a sweet béchamel sauce and tinned peas!

Greatest achievement: Helping build the fantastic team and innovation kitchens at FIS’s Waterloo HQ. Nothing makes me prouder.

Favourite chef: Gunnar Karl – owner of a restaurant called Dill in Iceland and Executive Head Chef at Agern in New York.

The most unusual item in your desk drawer: A pho stock cube from Vietnam.