Understanding your Customer

Understanding what’s important to customers, their motivations and what they truly value, is fundamental to the journey of any foodservice business.

Whether it’s considerations around overall concept, branding and design, menu layout and breadth, location, service, food quality, value for money or overall experience, it’s no surprise that those businesses who place the customer at the heart of the decision making process, are the same for whom success seems magnetic.

Add in the economic headwinds of property price rises, food inflation and labour shortages, and it becomes clear; focusing on your customers’ needs is now absolutely critical to business success.

With a direct line in to thousands of real world customers, FIS is uniquely placed not only to help clients understand the likes, dislikes and desires that can help shape a food business strategy, we also have a dedicated team of product development chefs to help harness these desires and bring them to life in the form of innovative dishes and concepts.

Working in this manner means we can square the circle between innovation, expectation and customer acceptance, every time.

The success of a new dish or food product lives and dies on the competency of the chefs tasked with executing it consistently, day-in-day-out. With chefs playing a key role in our business and the businesses of our clients, we pride ourselves on working proactively with chefs at every part of the development process, ensuring we learn from their feedback and incorporate the findings into our own work.

Some of the businesses we’ve worked with to help them improve their offer:

  • Greene King
  • Red’s True BBQ
  • Dominos
  • The Authentic Food Company
  • Whitby Seafoods
  • Chilango
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • KFC
  • Eat

Our research services:

  • Taste panels
  • Targeted online surveys
  • Consumer interviews
  • Chef panels