In addition to our consumer panels, FIS is proud to possess the UK’s only community of chefs – a unique network of experts, sourced from across the hospitality industry, that can road test new products and dishes, taking in to account the real-life experiences of a chef in a busy kitchen. After all, if your business creates products for foodservice, chefs are your key customers!

Flexing the muscle of a chef community allows FIS to collect and analyse data from the most relevant customer groups. Its true strength lies in its flexibility and speed of turnaround. As such, the chef panel can be used to:

  • Test new concepts
  • Validate new dish ideas
  • Refine and validate new branding
  • Test menu & restaurant layout and design
  • Understand usage and attitudes towards dishes and ingredients and limited time offers
  • Gauge customer satisfaction levels

As well as targeting current customers, FIS can help businesses target potential customers helping them to understand barriers to entry, and provide meaningful and actionable recommendations on how to improve footfall.

The chef panel can help businesses gain a better understanding of:

  • How easy/complex dishes are to recreate
  • Kitchen constraints
  • Ease of storage
  • Usability
  • Packaging
  • Shelf life
  • Suggested improvements/modifications


The end result is a qualitative body of research presented in easy-to-understand table and graph formats with actionable recommendations and a full breakdown of demographics. FIS is then able to work with clients to deep dive further and highlight any differences in opinion between males and females, ages, social groups etc.

We are firm believers that quality insight shouldn’t cost the earth which is why we work with clients to provide Gold, Siler and Bronze options. Get in touch today to talk about your requirements.