We were working with one of the largest pub retailer and brewer in the UK, holding a total of 3,000 pubs nationwide, food is at the front of their agenda and a rapidly growing area of success for them.

As a business, they are always striving to understand their customer’s thoughts at each part of the experience, and make sure they put them at the heart of their decision making.

Our client was keen to understand what impact changing the brands of specific condiments would have on their customers perception of quality.

FIS facilitated a robust online survey, as well as really understanding the why behind this data, with 1-2-1 interviews in-pub to talk more and delve deeper into the customers’ condiment preferences. This information was taken, analysed using our bespoke software tool to make the data a concise and easy to understand report that our client could rely on to make business decisions.

Due to the in-depth research, our client has been able to make clear and well-educated business decisions that suit their customers, as well as the business.
The specific research we conducted on condiments allowed us to recommend what brands should be used in the different parts of the estate to ensure quality perception.