A unique restaurant group with a quirky brand essence and a cult customer following wanted to find out more about their current customer base’s experience, as well as how they could grow within the mainstream market. In particular, they wanted to know how changes to menu format and design would impact on current and potential customers.

Thanks to a robust online survey, FIS spoke to 1000 customers supported with 20 x one-to-one interviews, and identified that a change in menu would not have a negative impact on the current customers but that it would result in making the restaurant appear more mainstream with more mass appeal. We were also able to identify which of the menu prototypes best aligned with customers’ vision of the brand.

FIS carried out exit interviews before and after the new menu was launched to allow the client to monitor the success of the new menu. The exit interviews confirmed that customers were happier with the new menu design, and actually found it easier to read resulting in an increase of 20% spend per head.