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Cutting Calories Isn’t Enough: The Future of Snacking Innovation

We can all recognise that the pandemic has further accelerated consumer concerns for what they eat; as consciousness about health and wellness has intensified. As such, F&B brands globally have been required to improve their Nutri-Score ratings and package claims in order to sustain their consumer appeal. From sweeteners to salt substitutes, in particular, potassium chloride (KCl), manufacturers are being challenged to substitute out ‘bad scoring nasties’ for buzz words and nutritionally dense ingredients.


As such, the snacking sector is experiencing a lot of renovation and EPD focused on removing ingredients with negative health impacts – salt, sugar and fat. Innovation is evolving to deliver products that focus on positive nutritional messages, offering benefits that boost health.

Take Cadbury’s (Mondelez International) recent announcement that it was doubling down on its policy to offer more portion control options for consumers by voluntarily committing to bring all of its chocolate bars sold as a part of a multipack under 200 calories by the end of 2021. The move will see a hefty10 billion calories removed from the market every year. This is just one illustration of the action large FMCGs, amongst others, are having to take to remain relevant.

Cadbury Under 200 Calorie Multi-Pack

However, consumer demands go beyond nutritional claims and taste has proven to remain key to sales. It is vital that brands positioning themselves in the healthy snacking category do no prioritise nutrition over taste if they are to ensure consumer buy-in and loyalty. Take it from us, a 5-ingredient ‘chocolate’ bar made with nothing, but dates, cacao and nuts might have a 5* Nutri-Score but it doesn’t taste anything like the real deal.

So, how do you manage your EPD/NPD process to achieve a good Nutri-Score whilst delivering on flavour?

One of our Development Chefs, Will Leigh, (previously a Taste Designer at Green & Black’s and Chocolatier for Paul A Young) is increasingly working with clients who are seeking the answer to this exact question.

With a team of development experts and flavour technologists, FIS is helping businesses reformulate and create snacking products that deliver both on flavour satisfaction and nutritional claims. By using nutrition management software to track and manage Nutri-Score alongside our prototype creation, we are able to balance the equation of great products.

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