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English Breakfast Day: Our 2023 Breakfast Hit List

In honour of English Breakfast Day 2023, our Development Chef and Innovation Consultant Ben Rowland reveals the breakfast spots on his 2023 hit list…

Us Brits love a good breakfast.

It is estimated that the average person spends over £570 a year on the ‘King of Meals’, with a total UK spend estimated in 2016 of over £13bn.

With the squeezing of disposable incomes, people are moving towards blending mealtimes such as ‘brunch’ and ‘early dinner’, often lighter (and cheaper) than a typical lunch or dinner. This has seen a growing trend in brunch innovation and pastries, with cafes and coffee shops expanding their offerings to cater for demand and to increase average spend and dwell times.

Whether it’s a greasy spoon ‘full fry-up’ and builder’s tea, a hipster workspace/bistro plate of ‘smashed avo on sourdough toast’ or an exotic ‘cilbir’ with an oat milk flat-white, the breadth of choice on offer can be overwhelming.

To mark English Breakfast Day (not that I needed an excuse), I’ve put together a list of top places to get your brekkie fix. Whether it’s your ‘early morning wake-up, ‘mid-day recovery’ or ‘been up all night refuel!’, here’s my 2023 hit list.

Greasy Spoon

Regency Cafe, Westminster

Hipster Hangout

Juliet’s Quality Foods, Wandsworth

Upper Crust

Duck & Waffle, East London

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