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Let FIS help you and your teams innovate. Using our tried and tested innovation programmes we can create a minimum viable product in weeks.

FMCG Innovation and Product Development: Take Your Food and Beverage Products From Concept to Market, Fast

Remove the limitations holding back your innovation with streamlined EPD/NPD processes and bespoke services. 

We’ll work with you from innovation to ideation and co-creation, to develop FMCG products meet unmet consumer needs with your target market.

Find out How We Can Help with Every Stage of Your Development, from Exploration to Implementation

Fill out your details, and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your brand.

Once we know more, we’ll outline how we can help with a development solution.

Innovate, ideate and invest in worthwhile, consumer-approved FMCG concepts and culinary creations

Streamlined Product Development Processes, Designed by Expert FMCG Consultants for Food and Beverage Brands

Food and beverage brands, retailers and FMCG manufacturers worldwide choose F!S to develop products that impress their consumers.

We’re known for helping businesses drive innovation and grow their market share with leading, purpose-built facilities for consumer research and product development. We connect businesses with their target market and help them develop products that meet unmet consumer needs.

Our in-house team of core consultants have worked with all kinds of brands, from Coop to Wagamama. But we also know that sometimes, you need the help of a specialist. So we also work with a team of consultants, each with their own specialised area of expertise.

When you choose our product development services, our facilities and consultants become an extension of your business, enabling innovation without limitations. And how you work with us is up to you.

Our Innovative Product Design and Development Services

We’ve designed several streamlined existing product development (EPD) and new Product Development (NPD) processes to help you innovate, ideate, and co-create with our help. But if our signature product development processes don’t fit your requirements, we can always offer bespoke services. Just contact us to learn more, discuss your needs and get a free quotation. 

Our EPD/NPD Process: Product Development on Your Terms

Our EPD/NPD process is an end-to-end journey from consumer understanding and idea generation to market entry. You’ll work with our consultants to turn concepts into creations and enter the market with confidence. 

We’ll help you innovate with consumer input and develop achievable, affordable and most importantly, worthwhile products. 

This process involves seven steps that together create a robust strategy for new or existing product development. But just like all of our processes, it’s flexible — your needs come first. If you’re working to a specific deadline or budget, we’ll take that on board.


Consumer Understanding

Using research methods like focus groups and interviews, we’ll find out what your consumers want. We’ll identify gaps in the market for you to fill.


Idea Generation

We’ll see what your competitors are doing, and we’ll brainstorm ideas for your new product with the help of consumer insights.


Idea Screening

We’ll make sure your product idea is a hit with your target market. We can collect consumer opinions with various research methods, including surveys.


Market Strategy and Business Analysis 

Our consultants will assess your idea from a business perspective. We’ll check that ideas are achievable and worth investing in.


Product Design and Development

Working with chefs, expert sensory taste testers and consumers, we’ll refine your recipe and turn your idea into a minimal viable product (MVP).


Market Testing

Focus groups and tests can help us identify issues and gather final consumer feedback before launching your product. Think of this as quality control.


Market Entry and Commercialisation

We’ll help you successfully launch your product with training support and optimised procedures for kitchens or manufacturing. 

iGNITE ™: A Rapid 2-Week Ideation, Prototyping & Blue Sky Process

Our state-of-the-art facilities and our team of expert consultants mean we’re able to bring products to life with impressive speeds. Our iGNITE™ process is a game-changer for brands who want to react quickly to changing market trends and meet customer demand without delay.

We can create a minimal viable product (MVP) for you to upscale in just two weeks. Whether you come to us with an existing idea or a blank canvas, iGNITE™ is your fast track to market. 

This process includes three stages — ideation, expansion and execution. Here’s what each stage looks like:

Phase 1: Immersion and Creation

We can bring together consumers and experts to gather valuable insights about your market, existing products and product development opportunities.

We’ll throw the rule book out when it comes to ideation and encourage as many ideas as possible with blue sky thinking sessions.

Phase 2: Expansion

With consumer and expert green housing sessions, we’ll grow ideas into viable concepts. 

We’ll then look at the commercial potential of new products and start creating a plan for prototyping.

Phase 3: Execution

The final stage is all about bringing your idea to life. We’ll rapidly prototype your new product offering and create a power-pitch that can help you enter the market with a bang.

At the end of the two-week process, you’ll have a minimal viable product that’s ready to be upscaled and launched.

iDARE™: A 12-Week Process to Get Products to Market Fast

iDARE™ is another fast track process for product development. Usually, getting a product to market can take months, years even. But we’ve streamlined this process to make it possible in weeks.

While a longer process than iGNITE™, this option allows for a little more breathing room and goes beyond creating an MVP. At the end of the iDARE™ process, you’ll have launched your product with the full support of our expert consultants.


We’ll immerse you in your consumers’ world by getting creative with our market research. With various research methods, from Future Food Trend Safaris to surveys and taste tests, we’ll gather rich insights that can support your product development decisions.


We’ll pick apart your business to see past the obvious. This phase involves looking at your year-on-year growth, considering the impact of new ideas and reviewing what your competitors are doing.


We’ll create new business models to fuel your growth and ensure the success of your product launch.
Our consultants will create strategies guiding you to
penetrate new markets, effectively position your brand and products and increase your market share.


The reconstruction phase is all about rebuilding your business plan to generate the best possible results. We’ll create a targeted plan for marketing your product and tracking your progress towards projections.


Finally, we’ll put together all of the insights and strategies, creating clear plans with timeframes.

We’ll also run a “have you been bold enough?” session to make sure your new product will have the maximum possible impact.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re lucky enough to have worked with several FMCG brands to help them innovate without restrictions. We take pride in helping all kinds of businesses develop food and beverage products, from retailers to restaurants and manufacturers. And while our projects vary widely, we always deliver a first-class service from concept to creation. But you can see for yourself what our clients have to say about us.

‘We approached F!S to develop innovative concepts based on our natural fish offer. From the initiation F!S envisioned where our fish could positively contribute value, in terms of sourcing credentials and innovative recipes. That align with trends in the market and relevant briefs. F!S helped us in the development of a full set of concepts that spark ideas with our current and prospective customers.

Remco de Waard / Regal Springs Europe

“FIS have been incredibly helpful to us. They are detailed on scope, super curious and gave us the innovation injection we needed to stimulate the team. Great group of people to work with and couldn’t recommend enough “

Kevin Moore / Chief Commercial Officer, Greencore

“FIS supported us with the co-creation of the menu at our first casual dining chain Gallio in Canary Wharf. The team worked with us collaboratively to create an amazing range of dishes and sides to suit out target clientele”

Chantal Nell / Operations Director Doma Hospitality

Discuss Your Requirements and Our EPD/NPD Processes With Expert Consultants

If you’re ready to generate practical and profitable product ideas and take them to market in weeks rather than months, we’re here to get you started.

Get in touch with our team of consultants to discuss your requirements or learn more about our processes. 

We’ll take the time to understand your product and brand aspirations. Then, once we know more, we’ll develop a plan for how we can help. Whether your best option is one of our product development processes or a bespoke service, we’ll do whatever we can to help you enter the market quickly and successfully. 

When you choose us, our facilities and expert consultants become your business assets. We act as an extension of your team — your requirements become our goals.

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