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Operational Excellence

The key to improving profitability. By reviewing your businesses’ processes, labour model, ingredient sourcing and other metrics, we will make operational recommendations. We offer tiered solutions, depending on the business’ need,  timeframe and budget.

Operational Excellence

We’re Flexible!

The stages outlined are a guide, we work with our clients to provide a bespoke service to meet your businesses’ needs

STAGE 1: Operational Review

2-4 weeks

The first stage involves an initial review of the clients business to assess where consultancy is needed.

Business immersion and review of client documents and and site(s)

Labour model review

Cost saving opportunities

Kitchen and floor management review

Collaboration with stakeholders to highlight specific issues

STAGE 2: Recommendations and Reporting

4-6 weeks

The findings of the initial review are then reported upon and recommendations are presented.

Creation and presentation of a operational excellence report

Proposed solutions to opportunities identified in stage 1

Detailed cost benefits analysis

Staffing management and rotation recommendations

CAPEX requirements

STAGE 3: Implementation


For larger operational projects, we work with the business on an ongoing basis, to ensure recommendations are implemented successfully.

Ongoing support to ensure changes are ‘bedded-in’ and maintained

Support it transitioning to changes in hierarchy, working practices, processes, and overall day-to-day of the teams

Quarterly reviews of business operational progress

Production of a subsequent recommendation report outlining proposed solutions to any ongoing issues

Who we've worked with

At F!S, we are fortunate enough to work with a range of clients from across the F&B sector – no two days are ever the same! From retailers and manufacturers to food service operators, start-ups or entrepreneurs, we understand that one size never fits all. We pride ourselves in providing a range of bespoke services to suit the specific needs of our client and below are just a handful of such clients.

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