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Future Food Trend Tracker: Q3 2022

Want to know which food trends your consumers are ready for?

Our sister agency Good Sense Research have collaborated with thefoodpeople to bring you their latest edition of the Future Food Trend Trackera detailed report outlining the relationship between food trend predictions alongside consumer readiness and acceptance of these trends, and how that manifests over time. The report provides the food industry with meaningful insights that will make a difference in understanding where trends and consumers are heading collectively.

Throughout 2022, the tracker has brought two very hot topics to the table – sustainability and cuisines. Have a read of the five key insights to come from the report below, and head to the end of the article to download the report in full.

Insight #1: A move away from advanced flexitarinism

As we approach winter, the number of advanced flexitarians is declining. These consumers appear to be divided, with some adopting a more plant-based diet, and others adopting a meat-based diet.

Insight #2: Sustainability being sacrificed by consumers during the cost-of-living crisis

Whilst the trend of sustainability still remains highly important to consumers, the latest data suggests it is becoming less of a factor in consumer decisions as the cost-of-living crisis takes hold and consumer spend is squeezed.

Insight #3: Cellular meat becoming more acceptable

As awareness increases, cellular meat appears to be becoming slowly more acceptable to consumers, pointing to a future growth in the alternative protein market.

Insight #4: Demand for takeaways and meal kits declining

Takeaways and meal kits took off during COVID-19 and remained popular choices after, but they are gradually declining as the cost-of-living crisis mounts. Sustaining sales and protecting margins will be key challenges as the squeeze on consumer spend continues.

Insight #5: Cuisines offering a chance for consumers to treat themselves and experiment

As consumers look for ways to treat themselves and experiment, they are more willing to try cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Modern Korean and Persian.

Download the latest Future Food Trend Tracker here.



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