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Hotel Restaurants have been hit hard and the labour shortage news is bleak. Let FIS add some festive cheer this season

Across the media we are constantly hearing negative news about how the hotel sector is currently facing labour shortages as we head towards the festive season.

As the public gear up for going out to celebrate, as it ‘tis the season to be jolly, the hotel sector has a grey cloud hanging over them. 

Not only are they battling with ingredient shortages for their chefs to produce spectacular dishes due to Brexit causing havoc for lorry drivers, they also are facing staffing issues. These are due to the national living wage going up, hence their overheads are rising, and labour shortages driven by concerns over hospitality as a career, Brexit and COVID. 

This has led many in this sector running short on strength and capacity so are having to turn away business.

So, how can FIS support you if you work in the Hotel Sector, and bring back some festive cheer?  There are in fact several ways in which we could support, which are outlined below.

We can expertly review your operational model to see where you can make improvements.

Our experts can evaluate and advise where your menu(s) can be optimised; in terms of reducing the number of ingredients you buy and identifying ways in which you can work your ingredients harder though cross utilisation of SKUs. This allows for improved economies of scale/cheaper prices, allowing you minimise the risk. This can also potentially cut down on preparation time and overheads. 

We can evaluate your labour model and identify where it can be optimised, through the implementation of techniques and equipment.

From small businesses to large chains a small investment in this area can have huge savings in the long run. Transforming your profits and ways of working in 2022.

Read how we’ve previously helped businesses in the hotel sector here.

If you would like to find out more about how FIS could support you schedule a call with Emma, our Group Commercial Director

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