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Kurami Case Study

The Objective:

To create a nutritious meal delivery brand, informed by our internal nutritionist, that includes a wide range of nutritious and functional ingredients.


Feasibility Study

Brand Opportunity Mapping

Menu and Range Architecture

Menu Development and Ideation

Operational and Strategic Design

Packaging and Branding


The goal was to help an independent client build a delicious, satisfying range of dishes for a meal plan delivery service. The dishes needed to exclude gluten, refined sugar and dairy whilst providing as many nutrient dense ingredients as possible. The food also needed to look beautiful and enticing, as well as a 3-day shelf life for eating on day 2 or 3 of the customers’ plan.

We considered; processing at CPK, ‘deliverability’ by van, shelf life, appearance and reheating in the home.  Some

We created over 90 components for cross utilisation in different meal path menus. Some of the star dishes of the range; teff and almond milk pancakes, super green frittata, turkey and quinoa meatballs in pepperonata, white tea and hibiscus iced tea and the golden chai moon mylk!