Creative Development

In order to grow, evolve, and connect with new, existing, and potential markets, it’s important that all businesses stay one step ahead, embracing the latest innovations, trends and developments.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative and forward-thinking product development companies in the UK. We’re brimming with ideas and have the experience to bring the very best ideas to life.

We have a proven track record when it comes to demonstrating diverse innovation and creativity across a broad range of sectors in the food and beverage industry. This, along with our personality as a business, is what sets us apart from other agencies.

With experience ranging from 3* Michelin restaurants through to the world’s largest burger chain, we have extensive experience of meeting culinary commercial targets and goals.

We exercise our creativity in all areas of the food and beverage industry. So, whether you are an established high street brand, new start-up or simply working on bringing a new idea to life, we can help to push your business forward, developing new ideas and concepts and tapping into new markets.

Above all, we specialise in giving your business a shot of creative adrenalin that will push your brand ahead of the competition and create a product that, both us and you as our client can be proud of.


Restaurant and menu development

Armed with extensive industry experience, we specialise in developing new dishes and recipes for your menu – opening your eyes to innovative, real world food solutions that will add a new and exciting dimension to your restaurant offering.

Our team has developed an in-depth understanding of an extensive range of types of establishments, flavours, and food trends. In essence we know what flavours work in which environments and how you can use this to your advantage.

Adopting a strategic approach to menu development, our team will listen carefully to your exact requirements in order to develop solutions that meet the needs and expectations of your target market. Plus, we adapt our kitchen to cater for your project’s needs, whether that means installing ice cream machines to redecorating the office with mood boards, we like to surround ourselves with inspiration and the tools to bring those ideas to life.

When it comes to menu development, it’s important that you get it right if you are to stand any chance of retaining your existing customers and, of course, attracting new ones.

As an award-winning food development team, we firmly believe that stepping outside the norm and exploring new possibilities are a recipe for success.


How we do it

We manage every step of the creative development process – from exploring new and exciting ideas in the early stages, right through to seeing our ideas come to life in restaurants or supermarket shelves.

Although we might not look like it in our trainers and questionable choice of shirts, we are perfectionists by nature. We don’t compromise on quality and we always go above and beyond to ensure that you are 100% happy with the service you receive.

Our ultimate goal is to drive your business forward, exploring new ground, new possibilities, and new ideas. We achieve this by offering highly engaging training workshops, creative chef forums, and bespoke innovation sessions that have been designed to develop new ideas and then take them to market.

Creative development work is a crucial part of the process – sparking increased levels of inspiration and allowing your team to position your brand ahead of the competition.

Above all, our innovative and creative approach has no barriers. We have a global perspective that allows us to explore new possibilities with confidence and belief.


The Process

The beauty about what we do is that no two projects are exactly the same. That said, our tried and tested process underpins every project we carry out to ensure a successful outcome. Most projects begin with a face to face meeting with you, the client, to establish what you’re looking to achieve and scope out your project’s requirements.

We take the time to get to know your brand as this allows us to provide highly targeted and strategic food innovation solutions that match your ethos, your vision, and your business objectives. After learning as much as we can about you, your brand, operations and customers, we create a project plan and implement timescales and key milestones so that you know what’s going on at all times.

From concept designs to business plans and pricing strategies to equipment needs and much more, we can advise on all aspects of starting or growing a restaurant. Then it’s time to get busy in the kitchen, creating recipes and conducting food presentations and where you’ll get the opportunity to taste and feedback on the proposed dishes. The signed off dishes are then followed by creating all the training tools, recipe cards, costings and documentation required. We can then also work with your kitchen designers to ensure we have all the right equipment and your kitchen is laid out in the most effective way. Finally, we will train your team and support when opening to ensure we set the restaurant up to a successful start!

So whether you’re starting out or an existing brand, and whether you’re looking to modernise everything from your operations to your menu, get in touch today.