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S.O.S – Save Our Service

How does a small business survive in the current climate of soaring food costs, a desperate staff shortage with inevitable wage cost increases, soaring energy prices and the double whammy of bounce back loan repayments and VAT going back up to 20%…It’s enough to make most people feel like throwing in the towel.

The restaurant business was always a tough life, but one fuelled by passionate, driven individuals. A community of artists, entrepreneurs, care givers & pirates, all blended together to give each and every customer an unforgettably joyful experience. A jolly ‘band of brothers’ (& sisters), that push on despite the many hurdles that are thrown at them, determined and resolute to overcome what ever the world can throw at them.

But what if those hurdles are too high, the gaps to far and the blockages impenetrable? How does the little guy make it through the storm?

Larger business are able to batten down the hatches and weather it out. With sizable budgets to spend on marketing and advertising, teams of lawyers and accountants to pick there way through the mountain of numbers and paperwork flying at them from every angle, they have the ability, resources and time to keep their heads above water.

As an owner of a small business, you don’t have that. You’re probably the CEO, CFO, Head of HR, Head of operations, part time waiter/chef/KP, the person called upon for casual DIY and equipment maintenance…plus a shoulder to cry on, oracle of sound advice and all-round babysitter to your fabulous team. Let’s just hope you don’t have a family, friends or hobbies of your own!

It can be a lonely journey at the top, often feeling isolated from the world around you, separated from the ones you care about by unrelenting service after service, exhaustion and the constant pressures of keeping the ship moving forward.

So how do you keep all those balls up in the air at once without the whole lot crashing down around you and crying on the floor of your kitchen, into a cheap bottle of 24hr off-licence wine at 3am!

This is where we can help. Having been there I’ve felt the pressure and responsibility, we have the experience and objectivity to advise and develop your business, to help it move forward with a clear path. One based on sound research and years of industry knowledge.

Whether it be an operational MOT, opening up new supply chains, consolidating menus to optimise cross utilisation or outsourcing innovation & development to keep your business punching with the heavy weights…FIS have a huge range of services and experience to support you.

We can help you to become more efficient…more productive…giving you more time, for you.

We are the pro’s of the pivot…idols of innovation…guru’s of growth, we love what we do…and what we do, is make you better.






Written By:

Ben Rowland,
Development Chef/Innovation Consultant



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