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Wagamama Case Study

The Objective:

To create an entirely new grab and go food offering, yet recognisably Wagamama.


Business strategy

Inspiration Workshop


Culinary Development



Back in 2018, Wagamama set out to open a new and exciting quick service restaurant with a food-to-go concept in Fenchurch, London. Winning the project, FIS took control of the back of house delivery including everything from menu research, design and development to kitchen design, equipment recommendations, back of house operations, manuals and SOPs, staff training, implementation and soft launch support.

The project was split into 3 stages: planning, development, implementation & training and over the course of 6 months, our team developed a 52-item menu before brining our vision to life at their now successful restaurant location.

Hero dishes include the breakfast bacon butty with siracha ketchup, the roasted squash with sesame satay and the Sticky Korean Duck.