FIS has grown rapidly since we began in 2010 and continues to grow. That means that there may be various career opportunities arising in the future.

We’re an innovative creative agency with a unique difference. We push boundaries and conventions and would love to hear from likeminded passionate professionals who share in our vision and expertise. Behind every successful business is its people and we’re lucky enough to work with a team that’s all about achieving excellence and exploring the endless creative possibilities that can be achieved through innovation and food development.

As a creative agency that employs only the best creative minds, we offer an innovative, interesting and inspiring environment that helps nurture talent and pursue your passion for food.

So, if you’ve got what it takes to join a passionate and innovative company like ours, then be sure to get in contact and send us your CV.




There are no vacancies at the moment but please do send in your CV which we’ll keep on file for when we do have openings.