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How do you come up with good ideas?

I often get asked “How do you come up with good ideas?” This question was especially relevant in my previous role in the Experimental Kitchen at The Fat Duck which is well known for a creative and innovative way of doing things. My answer is that coming up with ideas is actually quite easy. What’s

Should we be afraid of Molecular Gastronomy?

Firstly let’s look at what the term means: The phrase “Molecular Gastronomy” has been around for some years now and has become a term for a misconstrued style of experimental cooking where techniques are used for the sake of it and sometimes to the detriment of the dish. I think this phrase shows a fundamental

What to watch out for in 2016

A lot of people ask what the trends are for 2016. Insects? Certain kinds of seaweeds? Ugly fruit or new types of chillies? But, partly because of social media, these kinds of trends come and go, so it’s almost irrelevant to talk about them. But there are bigger trends, like increased social consciousness – people

The nutritional benefits of Bone Broth

There are so many “health” drinks on the market these days from cold pressed juices to coconut water. I have recently seen a new health drink trend start to take over London called Bone broth. Bone broth is an ancient cooking method that has been used as a base for soups and sauce for centuries,

Seaweed as a food ingredient

There has been an increasing interest in using seaweed as a food ingredient, with manufacturers adding it to products and more chefs cooking with it. But why would you want to put seaweed in your food? Mainly because it is a great source of nutrients, salt replacement and increases satiety. The most commonly eaten varieties

Into Infinity & Beyond Award!

2014 was a hugely successful year for FIS and the celebrations continue into 2015! FIS’ Business Innovator, Mike has just received this ‘Into Infinity & Beyond Award’ from a client, to say Thank You for his ‘instrumental’ role in the business’ developments. By sharing this award we are returning our thanks to our client for

What is Open Innovation?

If you think that in order for your company to profit from an idea, it must have originated internally, think again. Certain innovation models focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of innovation processes through collaborating with others, e.g. Open Innovation (OI). This month i will attempt to demystify the concept of OI and explain

If food’s an art, here’s some science…

This week FIS’ Innovator, Stefan presented at The Food and Drink Innovation Network alongside other industry experts to share his predictions on 2015 and beyond Food and Drink Trends. The presentation, entitled “If food’s an art, here’s some science” focussed on trends through a molecular gastronomy lense, a topic which, for many, tends to stir

Is Innovation Rocket Science?

Well yes it could just be… As innovators we very rarely innovate the models we use for innovation planning. The reason is called the “Success Trap”. It says that if something is successful once, repeat the behaviour and you will enjoy more success…. This is of course complete nonsense. Just ask Nokia, Hoover and Kodak

Culture change to nurture Innovation

The focus of this article is an opportunity that I believe every food and beverage business has the potential to unlock. It is one that will subsequently improve the long term success of the business without any capital cost. But, as you may have guessed, there is a catch. It will require an investment in