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Our culinary team’s experience is vast, with 27 years within F&B development, 57 years in restaurant kitchens (12 at Michelin level), 13 years of training in food, 21 in manufacturing, 6 years marketing and buying teams, 19 years in retail and 24 years at director level. Phew!

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Mike Faers

Founder, F!S Group

Our CEO and Founder and all round operations guru, Mike has a huge amount of experience from the kitchens of Le Gavroche to heading up Product for McDonald’s Europe and then globally. Growing tired of working with agencies who could talk the talk but failed to deliver, Mike left his role at McDonalds to start F!S in 2010. Having run and established manufacturing plants, innovation academies and worked extensively with all of the UK’s major retailers, Mike offers strategic planning, troubleshooting and innovation best practise to F!S clients, using decades of expertise to ensure that businesses operate efficiently and innovate brilliantly.

Kelly Dowson

MD, F!S Group

Fiercely ambitious, Kelly is the driving force behind the F!S Group and has been here since the start. Kelly produces nothing but her best, and with this approach, guides her team to provide exceptional consumer-centered services to all F!S group clients. Kelly’s dedication to customer service  and project delivery, is second to none. She is passionate about creating and developing high performing teams, and creating an inspiring place for people to work and grow.

Danny Butt

Head of F!S

Danny heads up Food Innovation Solutions and the multi-functional team of product development experts.

With a vast culinary background and extensive experience in both manufacturing and retail, Danny brings a diverse wealth of experience to the team. His passion for excellence has seen him work with some of the best branded food businesses in the country with stints at Charlie Bighams & Waitrose before moving to Dubai to head up innovation for Carrefour. Danny is in love with the process as much as the result and drives the team to continually innovate, improve and deliver for our clients whatever the brief.

Emily James

Senior Consultant

Emily’s specialism lies in confectionery and trendy plant-based cuisine, and she has worked with a range of large FMCG clients including UNILEVER and Subway.

Her composure in a crisis and determination to find creative yet flexible solutions mean she is the first point of call for our clients. Her commercial background allows her to streamline projects from start to finish, facilitating progress and getting the best results for every client.

Olly Henshall

Innovation Consultant

Olly has years of experience as a development chef in retail and manufacturing, working on multi-channel accounts across product ranges such as food-to-go, ready meals, and baked goods. His passion for food and in-depth understanding of how to develop products correctly targeted to consumers equip him with a wealth of knowledge to push the boundaries of innovation and help companies with their development resource.

Based in central London, Olly can often be found in the queue for the latest ‘foodie’ opening, or behind the stove at FIS HQ. His ‘out of the box’ approach and comprehensive knowledge of food trends and ingredients are clearly demonstrated during ideation and strategy workshops making him the perfect conversation kick-starter.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re lucky enough to have worked with several FMCG brands to help them innovate without restrictions. We take pride in helping all kinds of businesses develop food and beverage products, from retailers to restaurants and manufacturers. And while our projects vary widely, we always deliver a first-class service from concept to creation. But you can see for yourself what our clients have to say about us.

‘We approached F!S to develop innovative concepts based on our natural fish offer. From the initiation F!S envisioned where our fish could positively contribute value, in terms of sourcing credentials and innovative recipes. That align with trends in the market and relevant briefs. F!S helped us in the development of a full set of concepts that spark ideas with our current and prospective customers.

Remco de Waard / Regal Springs Europe

“FIS have been incredibly helpful to us. They are detailed on scope, super curious and gave us the innovation injection we needed to stimulate the team. Great group of people to work with and couldn’t recommend enough “

Kevin Moore / Chief Commercial Officer, Greencore

“FIS supported us with the co-creation of the menu at our first casual dining chain Gallio in Canary Wharf. The team worked with us collaboratively to create an amazing range of dishes and sides to suit out target clientele”

Chantal Nell / Operations Director Doma Hospitality